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Song and dance competitions

Heiva i Tahiti jury

The Heiva i Tahiti jury is elected by group leaders, among a list of personalities drawn up by themselves.

This year the jury comprises 9 figures of the world of culture, selected for their skills in the field of culture, dancing, singing, music and language.

They will award 51 prizes in an overall amount of XPF 7,470,000.


Jury for dancing

  • Vanina Ehu

Teacher at the Arts Conservatory of French Polynesia,
Jury member for the Hura Tapairu, choreographer


  • Manouche Lehartel

Museologist at the Museum of Tahiti and her Islands since 1981,
President of the Tahitian Federation of ‘Ori Tahiti
Leader of the group Toa Reva, winner in the Hura Ava Tau category at the 1989 Heiva, and then awarded prizes on several occasions at the Heiva i Tahiti


  • Hirohiti Tematahotoa

Award for best runner-up dancer in 1996 with Ahutoru nui, best couple dancers at Heiva i Tahiti 1999 with Simone Schnubel, who became his wife.

With Hinaiti School at Hura Tapairu 2nd Prize in Mehura 2009, 2nd Prize in aparima and 2nd Prize at Hura Tapairu in 2010

Leader of the group Hanatika, set up in 2011 and winner in the Hura Ava Tau category in 2011


  • Tiare Trompette

Leader of the group Hei Tahiti, set up in 2004 and winner in the Hura Ava Tau category in 2005, and then in the  Hura Tau category in 2009 and 2013
The group also wins the 1st prize of  Hura Tapairu in 2007, 2008 and 2012 and in the Hula category in 2007, 2011 and 2012.


Jury for singing

  • Jean-Pierre Cheung Sen

Leader of the group Tiona of Pueu, 1st Prize in Tarava Tahiti in 2009 and 2nd in Himene Ru’au in 2009


  • Nitare Taerea

Member of the singing group Taura’a atua in 1986
Member of the group Pupu Tuhaa pae since 2011


  • Fredo Tihoni

Member of the group Tamarii Tiona no Pueu, winner of the 1st prize in 2009 for Tarava Tahiti and then leader of the group Tamarii no Papeari since 2010, winner of the 1st prize in Ruau and in Tarava Tahiti that year, in 2011 1st prize in Tarava Tahiti and in 2012 2nd Prize in Tarava Tahiti


Jury for writing

  • Goenda Reea

A teacher in Tahitian at the Teacher’s Training School and teacher for 3rd year students at the University of French Polynesia, best author at the Heiva in 2012, and author of the theme of Hei Tahiti for Heiva 2013, 1st prize winner in the Hura Tau category.


Jury for orchestra:

  • Heremoana Urima

Percussions and ukulele teacher at the Conservatory
Conductor in many dance groups since 1988
From 1991 to 1997 with Heikura Nui, best modern-style orchestra, and then in 2009 with Hei Tahiti, prize of the best ancient-style and modern-style orchestra.