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Te Feti’a Avei’a: A voyage with O Tahiti E

Te Feti’a Avei’a is a show that tells the maritime adventure of a small community in search of a new land. The story was written by Jean-Claude Teriierooiterai and O Tahiti E turns it into songs and dances every Saturday of July at Marae Arahurahu.

Te Feti’a Avei’a – which could be translated as “the guiding star”, tells a perpetual story: that of a va’a and its crew landing on virgin territory, laying down roots and finding a balance. But the growth of the community urges the youngest ones to leave and create their own universe in their turn, having as sole concrete memory of the original land the ‘ofa’i faoa, the foundation stone.

This new show by O Tahiti E tells the story of Pa’oa, the younger son of ari’i (King) Tutera’i, who has to leave the island after his older brother Te’arunui takes the lead of society. Pa’oa and his small community will arrive safe and sound by following the guiding star. “This is a story that was passed from generation to generation among Polynesians” Marguerite Lai explains. “There is a time, when there is no longer enough food, when the younger brother has to leave with other members of the community, in order to find a new land, establish a new family, establish a new marae, and get the next generation ready.”

An adventure told by 200 artists

In the historical setting of marae Arahurahu in Paea, with a new stage now located at the bottom of the mountain, the 200 performing artists invite you to a great piece of adventure. Around sixty female and male dancers will embark on the preparation of the voyage, and then on the voyage itself. “There will also be 100 singers from the group Pere’aitu, who will make the tarava tahiti, tarava raromata’i, himene ru’au and pata’u resonate, Marguerite Lai goes on, and about fifteen musicians. The show lasts 1 hour and a half. The costumes of the royal court were made by Tavana Hare Salmon.”

The theme was written by Jean-Claude Teriierooiterai and the setting created by the students of the Art Vocations Centre. The show has been brought to the stage with the support of the Arts Conservatory of French Polynesia.

“Te Feti’a Avei’a”: Practical information

-      On Saturdays 5, 12, 19 and 26 July at 16h30 (4.30 PM)

-      At marae Arahurahu, in Paea

-      Flat rate: XPF 2,500

-      Tickets sold at Radio 1 and in the two Carrefour supermarkets

For further information, please dial: (689) 40 50 14 18